Andrei starts writing (again)

Why (another) blog reboot?

When I first started using a blog, I was still a student. I wrote exclusively about international politics and security not just because it interested me, but also because that's what I was studying. I could fill my days with books and journal articles and manage to produce some half-coherent words. 

Nowadays I don't have that luxury, and as I recently tried to restart the old blog it quickly became obvious to me that I couldn't sustain it. I'm still interested in many of the same things and I still enjoy writing and reading, so this new iteration of 'Andrei writes stuff' is the solution I came up with: I'll continue to write, just not exclusively about world politics. 

Exactly what kind of 'andreisms' can you expect to find here? 

  • Travel notes and photos. I am rarely happier than when I am on the move, and a happy Andrei tends to be creative. We'll see.
  • Food. I'll do my absolute best not to turn this into another form of Instagram, but I enjoy reading about food and the history of food about as much as I enjoy eating said food. 
  • Basketball, probably the most serious topic for me out of all of these.
  • Notes and thoughts on whatever book I am reading at the moment (it's Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights currently, in case you're wondering)
  • Video games because apparently being a dork is no longer socially stigmatizing.
  • Some current/world affairs will inevitably sneak in.

Oh and I also switched to Squarespace because I was curious about it and it's super neat.