The Last Jedi is a solid movie - and this is why

[Spoilers below]

There are many reasons why The Last Jedi is a good movie and a worthwhile two and a half hours in the cinema, but the main one is Kylo Ren. 

Hear me out. The character got a lot of flak after The Force Awakens for being a moody and angsty child with anger issues (oh and also for killing everyone's sweetheart, Han Solo), which is fair enough. While these flaws are partly why he fit the profile of a Sith apprentice, his lack of maturity is why he often seemed unworthy of being Darth Vader's heir and why we didn't take him as seriously as he no doubt would have preferred. 

In TLJ, however, his character arch becomes a lot more compelling, and that has a lot to do with the most shocking and exciting point in the movie: the death of Supreme Leader Snoke. Putting aside the well-executed scene itself - Kylo hiding his true thoughts from Snoke, killing him, then the lightsaber fight scene during which the audience is left with some glimmer of hope that Kylo might turn from the dark side and become Ben once again - the death of Snoke is so important because it shows us Snoke is not. 

Throughout the two movies we were misled to believe that Snoke would be the big baddie of the trilogy. Instead, his main role is as a stepping stone for Ben Solo. whose life is shaped by three disappointing or downright abusive father figures: Han tries to stop his Jedi training, Luke tries to kill him (from Ben's point of view), and Snoke constantly manipulates and abuses him.

With all three out of the way - dead, one with the force, dead - Ben Solo is now free to become the Supreme Leader and Darth Vader's rightful successor. In this sense, his plea to Rey to let the past die or kill it if she must is the key to understanding the path he is walking down.

This is what I enjoyed the most in TLJ and why I believe this trilogy has a chance of doing what the prequels failed - namely to construct a darker, more compelling, and more sinister character development route for the main antagonist.